Unveiling of Bulgarian Spring Cultural Event

The event is branded Bulgarian Spring 2012 and was held on the east lawn of Royal Albert Memorial. There were many Bulgarian music and dance performances, folk and modern, by Bulgarian performers.
There were presented Bulgarian traditional crafts.

The international famous Bulgarian folk songs group Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares /
Mysterious Voices of Bulgaria / Мистерията на българските гласове.
Georgia Kadoglu – a Bulgarian swimmer from the Dimitar Berbatov foundation, was an official representative of the world famous Bulgarian football player Dimitar Berbatov and his foundation.
Official appeal from Dimitar Berbatov Foundation:
„Dear guests of this special event,

I am Georgia and I feel extremely honoured to represent the “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation, my foundation as it is, and Mr. Dimitar Berbatov himself.

I know from him how important one to be enterprising is and that most of the things in our lives depend on our own effort. The proof of this statement is the realization of this beautiful idea which is so Bulgarian, indeed! Our ancestors often did built fountains along the roads for they knew that to give water to the thirsty was a great benevolence. That is why, here and now, my people give a present to the British community this water fountain as a symbol of our understanding of welfare and kindness.

Today, we, the Bulgarians, are proud of Dimitar Berbatov. It is my hope that someday you will be proud of me too. Let us be proud with this humble and yet everlasting Bulgarian present, which will remain and outlive us.

However, its ‘water will flow and sing how creative, noble and strong the Bulgarian people can be when we are joined together.“

Quotation from Moreto.net  http://www.moreto.net/novini.php?n=174083
 Bistra Stareishinska, a Bulgarian gymnast, who lives in London and is from
the Dimitar Berbatov foundation, presented a beautiful gymnastic combination
 Ana- Maria Yanakieva – Bulgarian pop music singer with an unbelievable voice
 from the Dimitar Berbatov foundation
Children from the Bulgarian School at the Bulgarian Embassy
Beloslava – famous Bulgarian pop jazz singer
 Zagorche – children’s folk dance group from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Malak Gradski Teatar zad Kanala (performance of a part of a play,
titled “Rhythm’n’Blues” by a theatre cast)
Monika Azmanska comes from Dubai and has never lived in Bulgaria but she sings Bulgarian folk songs amazing Monika is from the Dimitar Berbatov foundation too
London Bulgarian Choir based in London formed by people from different nationalities
who love to sing Bulgarian folk songs
Orlin Goranov – famous Bulgarian pop singer
 Tanets Folk Dance Group based in London formed by people from different nationalities
who love to dance Bulgarian folk dances

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